An American Waking Up in Okinawa

When I wake up, the day in America is ending. My Facebook news feed is flooded with emotion filled events.  I’m instantly pulled into the thoughts and feelings of each person and the day they’ve already lived.

My first instinct is to join in their experience and find some understanding from their point of view. This is easier with somethings I read than others, as it may speak to my own bias. It becomes a simple task for me to get caught up in the series of “shotgun” words I read and the “Live, but not lived” video’s I see. Are these my words I’m reading? Did the video I watched actually happen to me?

My emotions change as fast as I can scroll. My face becomes a wave, physically altering from head shaking, to mouth opened, to tear filled, to a blank stare. I then base my conclusions solely on what I see, never digging deeper. I listening to what I’m told and reacting, instead of researching the true facts and taking the time to figure out how “I” truly feel. I’m quick to press the “share” button, not understand the definition of share.

It’s a cycle I must break, a cycle I can only break. I don’t want to live my life over-informed but still uninformed. I don’t want to see what’s going on and still be blind.  I want to make sure the information I’m getting is true and not just easily accessible. In this world where our news can’t always be trusted and where what you see on Facebook is only a glimpse of a bigger picture, I have to pause…

And DO
And only when the Holy Spirit moves me, SPEAK.

I strive to keep a level Self, pray for God’s guidance, and educate myself. Only then can I react and maybe make one positive impact, instead of making a big impact that leads to a wide spread negative reaction.

Keep the FAITH.
Spread the HOPE.
React in LOVE.


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