When United Becomes Divided


Our hearts are breaking, it’s not hard to see.
For what is united to you, may not be united to me.
When we start disregarding the love of our Land,
That we built up and fought for, hand over hand.
When we take a symbol and downplay it’s meaning.
We put in a box and label it “demeaning.”

Your message becomes separate from other’s views.
They’re not seeing the cause, just the headline news.
Your platform is big, but was built by their hands.
Every board, every nail, created those stands.

Home of the Brave, but only a few.
About 7% have truly paid their dues.
The rest, although NOT less, are missing the fact,
That their LIFE is on the line, for the respect that you lack.
If we take what unites us, but draw a line in the sand,
Like kneeling when it says, “Proudly we Stand”
We may bring attention to the cause we hold dear,
But other’s minds may cause confusion and fear.

In the 60’s, they STOOD, one fist in the air.
Having RESPECT for our country, and still showing they cared.
Standing on the podium, as our anthem played,
And with their hand held high, creating a cascade.
Bring awareness to issues of injustice and pain.
Starving for EQUALITY and PEACE without strain.

Before that, they held marches, in the light of day.
Ushering in needed change and showing people the way.
They choose FAITH and LOVE, never to be divided.
And with PEACE and STRENGTH, they stood UNITED.

Most showed empathy. Its hard. Have you tried?
Not offering more violence, but being side by side.
TALKing, LISTENing, CONNECTing with all.
On platforms, on telephones, not writing on someone’s Facebook wall.

What is happening now, is nothing but dark.
Not showing we’re ONE, but tearing us apart.
Who is with them? And who is with they?
SOME hold the gun, while SOME go astray.

When did our HUMANITY admit defeat?
Letting GODS children die in the street.
But Freedom we have, and freedom we’ll use.
To say “if you don’t listen, this what I’ll do.”
Throwing tantrums until we get our way?
This in turn will only causes disarray.

Our lives start to be filled with “what if” games.
What if this happened? What if “they’re” to blame?
Slowly the “what if’s” take over our lives.
Filling our minds with stories and lies.

Distracting us from our purpose on earth
Stop and listen! Please claim your rebirth.
JESUS died on a cross and bared every sin.
The worst of the worst, taking it all in.
Know that this Life is a Test, pass or fail.
But wonderful thing is, our Lord ripped the vail.

This shouldn’t stop us from LOVING each other.
Finding FORGIVENESS to heal one another.
HE died so that we could LET GO of the hate.
So RELEASE the burden, don’t carry that weight.

Stand UNITED, Cross and Flag.
Become ONE Voice, destroying  our worldly lag.
Our ETERNAL KING will show us the way.
Through LOVE and PATIENCE, HE will mold us like clay.
HE is our SAVIOR in this fated existence.
So down on my knees,
I PRAY for HIS assistance.

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