I am a raindrop, put into the sea.
Causing a ripple, affecting you and me.
Though it starts with me, it flows through you.
Affect your thoughts and movements too.
And with you, the next, affecting the same.
Each movement and ripple, another name.

You are a raindrop, that much is true.
but your affect on the water can be harsh and cruel.
Trying to push back, apart from the of the sea.
A glimpse of the raindrop you used to be.
Not giving into the flow, not becoming one,
But making a wave and becoming undone.

We each are a raindrop, life-giving indeed.
Quenching a thrust of someone in need.
Do we quench as a wave beating the rocks?
Do we quench gently around us? There’s a thought.
Not flighting their drops but flowing together.
Becoming the sea, no matter the weather.

For you are raindrop into the sea.
But I before you, and He before me.
And only together do we make the sea.
For one drop is nothing, as it be.
It needs others to really make a change.
To carve out the valley or mountain range.

So as a raindrop, flow with the sea.
Lets go where we’re needed, happy and free.
Life-giving we are, drenched in Love and Light.
Dazzling them all with our glorious sight.

For WE are the sea, stronger and true.
Making a difference as WE always do.

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