Celebrating New Years Twice


Being 14 hours ahead of my family in Ohio, I got the unique experience of celebrating New Years twice.

For my Okinawa New Years I had the honor of going to a Filipino party. The American friend (me) was invited by her Spaniard friend, who was invited by her Filipino friend. Sounds like a start of a joke right? lol

We spent the evening talking, eating, Laughing, drinking, eating, playing games, Laughing, eating…
I tried about 8 new dishes, I learned many unfamiliar New Years traditions, and was truly filled with the spirit of wonder on how these two cultures celebrated their beautiful heritages.

It was a wonderful experience I will never forget. Bring in the new year with people who were so welcoming, never knowing a stranger.

All of this made me the think about my families traditions. We’ve alway been ones to stay up and watch the ball drop, but on the day of the 1st my family and friends get together and eat pork and sauerkraut. Spending time and talking about our past year and the plans for the year to come.

I spent the hours before the East Coast New Year talking to my Grandparents on the phone. They’ve seen more New Years (83) than anyone I know. But isn’t that what it’s all about?  Learning from the ones before us, and bring in learned wisdom to put towards the year ahead.

I’m blessed for the growth in the relationship with my Father God, all the reconnections with old friends, the health and happiness of my family, and all the lessons learned following me into the 2016.

Many Blessings to you All!! Happy New Year Everyone!!!!


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