If I Were Blind, Would I See?

As I See:
What are you?

I am a black and white, soon to be 32 year old women.

So you’re a color?

Well, I guess that’s not what/who I am, but I feel like that’s how others see me.

If you had to choose a color which one would you choose?

Why would I choose? They’re both 100% a part of me.

Where do you feel like you most belong?

I’m confused by the question. Are you asking me my favorite color?

I mean, Who’s side are you on?

Is this shirts vs. skins? What kind of question is that?

If Blind:
What are you?

I am a person. A human being. A child of God.

What color are you?

I am not color.

What if I told you, you’re white?

Even if you were to tell me what “color” you see, it holds no weight or meaning.

What if I told you, you’re black?

Colors are words, but I would never use them to describe someone.

So you’re not a color?

No, Color will never define me. My actions and what’s in my heart is what defines me.

Where do you feel you most belong?

I belong with people who show love, kindness, humility, gentleness, forgiveness, patience, and compassion.

But, who’s side are you on?

I am on the side of the person who guides me down the street. I prefer they be on my left because I hold my cane with my right.


Here’s a Thought:

If you’re reading this, I ask you to try to meet people as if you were blind. Don’t see them, but hear them. Know that they’re a person, same as you. Listen to what they’re saying with a heart of compassion.

If what’s being said is hurtful or hateful, leave it alone. Anything you say to a wall of malice will not be heard on the other side. And if you must respond, respond with kindness.

Most of the time the words/actions of people are not directed to you personally. There may be some underlining factor and you’re just the person standing at their finish line of “I’ve had enough.”

Outrage breeds Outrage. Love breeds Love. A simple thought which is hard to put into action. For anger is easy, humility takes some work… a lot of work…I’m talking life long.

There are many bad/evil things in our world and there are just as many good/virtuous.

So I ask, Who would you be if you were blind? Start with you. The rest will fall into place.

#seeyourselfblind #colossians3 #lovenotrage

Colossians 3:8-17

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