The Yellow Ribbon Project

1433038162146 The heart of a military spouse is strong and unwavering, but when we’re expecting a child with our Love who is deployed, our heart can sometimes feel lost. Military wife Jenna Bush has founded a new organization called The Yellow Ribbon Birth Project. This organization will bring together professionals to help create the best birthing experience possible for those military wives whose husbands are deployed. “The Mission of The Yellow Ribbon Birth Project is to provide expecting active duty military spouses whose husbands will be deployed/training for the birth of their baby or who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, with comprehensive doula care, birth photography, and lactation education during and after birth. This mission will be fulfilled by the donation of services from numerous birth and postpartum doulas, lactation consultants/educators, and photographers across the country.” (Founder and President Jenna Bush) Jenna’s organization will be a priceless element for the transition during and after the birth, while capturing the moment to be shared across the distance. I’m showing my support here in Okinawa, where I feel the need is great. If you’re interested in more information or volunteering your time and talents please visit The Yellow Ribbon Birth Project website.

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