The Moment

One of the best attributes of a human being is the ability to relate. Even if it’s an event which hasn’t happened to us, we can imagine each feeling they may be going through. Just as if we were in the situation ourselves. When we can relate, we show our compassion.

This weekend, all I could do was relate, but I could never understand what he was going through.

I saw his heart break. I saw his soul stir. I saw him, with every fiber of his being, focus on one earth shattering thought, “She’s gone.”

To truly see the exact moment when someone’s heart breaks is wrenching. You want to bring them close and take the pain, but the intimacy of event makes it impossible. To try and take someone’s emotions is to take the reason they’re feeling this way.

This was his pain, his sadness, his anger. To take the pain is to lose the love. To take the sadness it to steal the happy memories shared. To take the anger is to rip away the passion they felt together.

All I could do was go in my room, kneel before God and say a prayer for him as tears streamed down my face. His heart broke for her, but my heart broke for him. I wasn’t there to take anything away from God’s perfect moment, but to just lift up the soul in the other room.

I prayed for protection from negative thoughts, peace for his soul, and for the healing of his heart. All in God’s time, and time it will take.

“Is it better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all?” I’d like to think so.

~~For a Friend who lost his Love in Nepal. Forever gaining a Guardian Angel named Sara.~~

Please click here If you’d like to help one Love say goodbye to Another.

Photo Credit to Sara Medina

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