A Parent’s Peace

The past few years it seems there has been a baby boom among my friends and family. It may just be the time in our lives where families grow. I’d like to call it “the age of little feet.”

An instant smile comes across my face when I see the overload of cuteness spread across my Facebook news feed. Perfect little minds experiencing everything for the 1st time, confused or happy by the sight of the rectangular object we’re always shoving in their faces.

For me, so many wonderful things came when having my children. The rush of emotion I felt when hearing them cry for the first time is something I’ll never forget. I felt like it was one of Gods perfect moments on earth, where time stopped and I was surrounded by Peace. At that moment nothing mattered but holding them in my arms. There was no pain, no fear, no doubt. Just Love.

There are many days I forget the value of the moments I have with my kids. I find myself stuck in a routine and the stress the day can bring. Sometimes I lose the “Peace” that came with having kids. Constantly needing to be reminded of how they instantly made my life better. Needing to understand the time I spend with them is a priceless blessing.

I was reminded of this yesterday. I watched my sister cry while holding my 6 week old niece, knowing in few days she’d have to go back to work. Never experiencing this myself, my eyes were opened to the pain and sadness that comes with having to let go before you’re ready. My heart broke for her, but I was so proud of her sacrifice.

They are many tough things we go through and have yet to go through, as parents. Our paths are never the same, but we all can hit rough roads. The lessons we learn as parents changes us. They help us to look inside and dig deep. They show us we’re capable of much more than we thought.

We take the pain of leaving our children, to provide for them. We take the fear of losing ourselves, so they may know themselves. We’re doubtful of our dreams, so their dreams can come true. And in doing all these things, we ultimately found our Peace.

The choices we make for our children are hard, but they’re worth it.

And one day we’ll see, it wasn’t hard at all.

Written 04/04/2014

One thought on “A Parent’s Peace

  1. As a mother, grandmother, you sometimes forget the long path of raising your children until you come upon a situation you might witness or read something such as this that stirs some old fond memories. I remember one time I was at my mother’s house on Medina visiting with Corey. Corey was about 8 months, still an infant. I had walked over with the stroller and some sort of emergency happened, we had to leave immediately, no car seat was available, my mother grabbed Corey, held him on her lab and yelled, ” Drive anyways! I managed to raise all 8 of you safely without a damn car seat!”
    I will never forget that, thank you for sharing Ashley.

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