This Okinawa Life Makes a “Natural Wife”

Being biracial I’ve alway been told my hair has the best of both worlds. I have the natural curliness from my Black side and from the White, the natural look of straightened hair, as if the curl was never there.

About 5 years ago I started my natural hair journey.  When trying to get pregnant with my 1st child the relaxers and coloring stopped. Even though I was done with the chemicals, I still turned up the heat. My hair never went curly for more then a day.

For over 20 years “straight” to me, was the way to be. I loved the way it looked and I loved how easy it was for me to maintain, only washing once a week. My hair then changed when I got pregnant with my 2nd child. It was now less tolerable of the heat  from straightening and it began to break off. Something needed to change, but I wasn’t ready.

You could say I was stubborn. You could say I didn’t have the knowledge. You could say I was afraid.

I’ll tell you, it was all of the above. On top of that I found out I was moving to the humid Okinawa. I was not a happy camper. When people asked me if I was worried about the move my response, as shallow as it may sound was ” No, but I am worried about my hair.”

I knew that I couldn’t be the only who had felt this way. I then asked on one of the wives groups about hair options. I was immediately directed to the Okinawa Naturals group. This changed my life…

In this group I found many who felt the same about their hair, and understood the struggle. I found many different textures, helpful ideas and solutions. I found a new wave of excepting who you are and an embracing of who you can become as a natural.

This is my description of the Okinawa Naturals Group:

A positive and uplifting group full of beautiful, unique, and knowledgable women and men. A group of people who share what they know, raising others up and offering their support. A group linked by the commonality of being natural with their hair and their kindness. A group of people being naturally themselves.

You’ve all changed my natural hair path. Most of you I’ve never met. Most of you I may never meet. But when it comes to this groups it doesn’t matter.  We’re on this journey together. What matters is we’re not alone.

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