Okinawa, The Island of Facebook Yard Sale Groups?

Before moving to Okinawa from California, one of the 1st things I did was look and see if they had Varagesale. So I got on my phone and opened their App to look on their location map for availability. I was sad to see there were no Yard Sale groups using the Varagesale App. I then went back to what I like to call the “old school” route and looked for yard sale pages on Facebook. I was overwhelmed by what I found. For this little Island, there were more then enough yard sale groups.

Top Yard Sale Groups in Okinawa:

  1. Buy Sell Trade Okinawa
  2. Flea Market of Okinawa- No Rules Just Sales
  3. Okinawa Yard Sales
  4. Okinawa Yard Sales- Perfect Amount of rules attached
  5. Okinawa Yard Sales -2015 Active Page No Rules
  6. Okinawa Military & Spouse Yards Sales- No Drama No Rules
  7. Okinawa Yard Sales- No rules attached
  8. Okinawa Yard Sales Cars and Trucks
  9. OkiDoki Yard Sales
  10. Okinawa Everything Baby &Toddler buy/sell/trade/give/get
  11. Okinawa Dress Exchange

Even though in Okinawa we have all these Yard Sales, let talk about why we need Varagesale here.

What is Varagesale?

The Founders Facebook page says “Varagesale is a platform where local Facebook groups get together and come over to do some buying and selling within their community. Members of the group list items for sale, comment on them and discuss whether they want to purchase. It’s a really fun way to meet people within the community and it’s less threatening than other forums where you purchase from complete strangers.

Sounds like Facebook, right? Well it kinda is, but better. It takes all the stuff you like from Bookoo, Facebook and Craigslist and raps it all into one wonderful and functional Varagesale Christmas present.

Reasons why I love Varagesale:

  • No more Scrolling


  • Only see what you want- choose your categories and the breakdowns. Example: Clothes/baby/boy or girl/ size


  • Your own Viral Yard Sale- When some Clicks on your profile they see everything you have for sale. This is great for PCS moves. 🙂


  • Easy to post and Quick Responses- With the App it provides an easy way to post and they have their own messaging system that works just like Facebook messenger.


  • Its linked to your Facebook- Just like any group your apart of, you’ll see the link on the left hand side.


  • Its a super awesome App, but just as awesome on the computer too.


It was hard for me to get back into the yard sale style Facebook has after being spoiled by Varagesale. So it’s been my kinda my goal to bring it to the Island. I don’t get paid to do this, but it would be the 1st in Japan, which is pretty cool to me. And when it’s here, I promise you’ll love it too!

Start by signing up at and Downloading the App.

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2 thoughts on “Okinawa, The Island of Facebook Yard Sale Groups?

  1. Wow, sounds like a great improvement to me! I’ll sign up :). We haven’t moved to Oki yet but will be there this summer, ready to buy as we’re expecting our 3rd!


  2. If you think Okinawa has it bad, you should look up the Army Bases, like Fort Meade… there are over TWO DOZEN FB sites for various sale pages, and they’re only ONE BASE! At least Okinawa has the excuse of having over half a dozen bases…


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