The Danger Is Reality, The Loss Is Real

My heart breaks when hearing about any loss, but when hearing about the loss of the 7 MARSOC guys and 4 Soldiers in the helicopter crash, it hits home.

My husband went to Afghanistan with these men, working closely with them during their time there. Today he came home with stories, his memories of these Marines. Each story starting with a smile and ending with eyes pointing down and a shake of the head.

My 1st thought went to the families… the wives, the children. This is were I can relate. This is what makes my heart hurt. To be part of this Military life is to know the risks and understand the reality. But when the loss happens, it doesn’t make it any less real. It’s just as shocking and hurts just as much.

Whether they’re training, at war, or just driving to work, we pray for them. We kiss them like its the last time and hug them so to remember their touch. Strong is a Military Spouse’s heart, but when broken, it’s that much harder to put back together.

So I take a deep breath, I say a prayer, and I thank God for every moment. God Bless our Military Members and their Families. Wrap Your arms around them and protect them, body and soul. Amen

#Militaryfamilies #militarywife #usmc #gonebutneverforgotten

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