Space-A/ AMC Flight Helpful Hits

Things you should know:

1. Like all the Facebook pages. Some don’t have pages but you can call to find out flights and times. Here are some to get you started:

Pearl Harbor-Hickam/Hawaii:

2. Always Check, check, check the flights. They’re are always changing!

3. Getting there 30 mins to an hour before roll call is wise

4. Always have all your paperwork and passports. If you are flying with out your Active duty spouse they have what I like to call the “Golden Ticket” or  The Command Sponsored Letter, which allows you to leave and come home.

5. Don’t forget to email the terminals to lock in your date. I found it’s helpful to also print the email proving it was sent.  Doing this may also be helpful if you’ve misplace the “Golden Ticket” they most likely will have a copy. (Note: Having your paperwork is always best, don’t relay on them having the email)

Helpful Groups, Pages, Numbers and Websites:

1. Space-A USA:

2. Space-A Travel:

3. Take-A-Hop:


5. For Hotels:

6. UJ Space A Info:

7. Air Mobility Command:

8. Air Force Base Logding: 1-888-AFLODGE

To hear a little about my experience click on the link below.

3 thoughts on “Space-A/ AMC Flight Helpful Hits

    1. Thanks so much John for going through my articles!!! I will make some changes as to not confuse travelers. 🙂 I have also added the link you sent. Thanks again for your helpfulness!!!


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