MBC Has A Monopoly On Me!

MBC…I’m not really happy with our internet provider on base. They’re upping our rates in April and on top of that they’re going to cap our use on the internet. What should I do?

Well if I was in the states I would call other providers and compare rates. I would also ask around and see who has had the best response from customer service.

Here on base in Okinawa, MBC is soon to be the ONLY option. ( I heard Konnect will soon be no long offered on base.) No other company to compare the other against, no leverage, no control. “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”

Like I said before, this place is different from any other. America is the land of many options and choices. In Okinawa we have few/one option, and are thankful for at least that. But being thankful shouldn’t mean we have to deal with ridiculous charges and a limit on our use.

Here are my issues:  Many of us are using our internet to communicate with love ones at home (I Skype at lease once a day). Many of us are using the internet to go to school. And the rest of us use it to stream Hulu and Netfix because the cable here is over priced and it kinda sinks (again we have no other options).

With all my irritation and frustration, I’m trying to be thankful. My Grandma told me of a time when writing was the only form of communication they had. This was when she and my Grandpa were overseas in the Military. Some times it would take months before they would hear back from loved ones. Back then radio (T.V. if they were lucky) was mainly a form of getting information, not for pleasure.

I know times have changed and one of the main reasons is because of technology. Another reason is because people speak up for change. I’ve put some links below to hopefully to help voice our opinions and concerns. If you want change, say something (tactfully please). Being thankful doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be heard.

Online Survey for MBC:


Inspector General:


Survey on any thing you might want to rate on base


Facebook Group for the dislike of MBC


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