Like it, Love it, Leave it

One of the things I did when finding out about the move, was talked to everyone I knew who had been to this island.

Here are some of the responses I received:

The Love it– “We loved it. It’s safe. There’s so much to do with the kids. It’s beautiful. You should try scuba diving. The people there are really nice. I’d move back”
The Like it-“The weather was nice, but the summers are hot. There a lots of things to do, but the island is small. If you can, live off base. I liked it there but was happy to come home.”
The Leave it-” The island was too small. It’s humid. What until you see the housing. Have fun driving over there. The internet sucks. I missed the States. I was happy to leave.”

Now I have to say, there were more love it responses then any. So I asked more questions of these peeps. This is what I found:

1. They went out and explored, trying new things (foods, festivals, sight seeing).
2. They took advantage of the support of groups and programs (MCCS, Military Spouses Okinawa, Stroller Warriors, Base Community Centers) .
3. They took time to make their house a home ( decorate, paint, make it your own, your going to be there a while.)  😉

Each person has their own truth about their experience here in Okinawa, whether good or bad. I ask you to remember just that. You have your own experience here.  Figure out how you’ll best enjoy your time. Embrace your adventure with open arms and hopefully you’ll become one of the ones who love it.

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