Words They Say

Do you remember what your family said when they found our you were moving to Okinawa?

Think of that moment, and their reactions. Did they speak quickly? Or did they take some take time to think? Were they excited for you? Or did they wish you would stay? Maybe a little bit of both?

In my case I heard a lot of comforting words. “What an adventure.” “This is a great opportunity, to take advantage.” “Home is where the hear is.” “At least we have Skype.”

At the time, I’m not sure if their words had the effect desired. I mean “Home is where the heart is?” My heart is all over the place.

Thinking about it now, I was so rapped up in the business of moving that my feelings about it were pushed to the side. I was distancing myself as to not deal with the emotions and to make it a little easier. The problem I found when protecting myself this way, was that I really didn’t enjoy the special moments I had before the move.

My point is it doesn’t matter the words they say, but the way you feel. Instead of living in a fog for the months of transition, go through all the emotions and embrace every moment. Honesty with yourself and positive attitude about the situation make all the difference in the end. 🙂

One thought on “Words They Say

  1. Ashley, you truly struck the heart of such a difficult life situation. Most people do not experience what military families endure and you have delved into it so gracefully and with stellar candor. You did what you had to do to prepare for such a tremendous transition that many people would not want to endure. But because you love your husband and family so much, you put them first and did such an amazing & smooth relocation. Corey is so blessed and fortunate to have you as his wife & mother of his children. What you have accomplished is extraordinary and I am proud and blessed to have you in Corey’s and my life.
    Love, Ann

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