Got Milk?

Have you been to the Commissary lately?

Everyone has been wondering what the heaven has been going on in the dairy section. As you walk by you can hear the echos of the once cold refreshing milk. By now most of you know what is going on. You’ve been on the Facebook groups, followed all the feeds, asked the commissary workers or even made a few calls.

For a short while in mid January there was a restock of milk. Sadly the shelves quickly became empty once more, whether it was the need for milk or the fear of not knowing when the next shipment would be coming in.

No matter how you feel about the situations here are the facts:

1. This %$#@ sucks. No one should never have to walk into their grocery store and see empty shelves, but we live on an island and it’s a reality.
2. There is milk out in town. Our bases are not the end all be all and most times the things in the Japanese grocery stores are better quality, even though they’re not always better priced. Then again yen is 114 to the dollar.
3. We don’t have control over when the milk comes in, but we do have control over the way we treat each other. I’ve seen some not so nice Commissary actions and Facebook posts when is comes to this whole “milk thing.” Lets not let a little spilled milk make us turn on each other as humans.

We may have tangible limitations right now, but keep your head up folks and find a way. Hopefully soon it will all be resolved, and when someone asks you if you’ve “Got Milk?” you can say yes with a smile.

Picture by April Webb

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