The Moment

One of the best attributes of a human being is the ability to relate. Even if it’s an event which hasn’t happened to us, we can imagine each feeling they may be going through. Just as if we were in the situation ourselves. When we can relate, we show our compassion. This weekend, all I … More The Moment

Your Purpose

“God has a plan for you. A purpose. Sometimes it’s hard to see between your own thoughts, but its there. It may take years to find, but it’s always there. You are made for great things in your own right. He’s knows this, and when you understand his plan… it’s effortless.”

A Parent’s Peace

The past few years it seems there has been a baby boom among my friends and family. It may just be the time in our lives where families grow. I’d like to call it “the age of little feet.” An instant smile comes across my face when I see the overload of cuteness spread across … More A Parent’s Peace

Space-A/ AMC Flight Helpful Hits

Things you should know: 1. Like all the Facebook pages. Some don’t have pages but you can call to find out flights and times. Here are some to get you started: Travis/California: Pearl Harbor-Hickam/Hawaii: Kadena/Okinawa: 2. Always Check, check, check the flights. They’re are always changing! 3. Getting there 30 mins to an hour … More Space-A/ AMC Flight Helpful Hits